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CBS 8’s Jenny Day Shines Light on San Diego’s Heart: A Closer Look at The Foundation for Developmental Disabilities’ Community Impact

In the bustling news media landscape, there are a few individuals who not only report the news but also become integral parts of the communities they serve. From CBS 8, Jenny Day is a journalist whose dedication to San Diego extends far beyond headlines. Through her "Working for Our Community" program, she delves into the heart of San Diego, offering an insightful perspective on stories that deeply resonate within our community.

On April 5th, Jenny Day embarked on a special mission, capturing a crucial aspect of the Foundation's community work – Program Grants. These grants serve as lifelines for community programs that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families, striving to make a tangible difference in their lives.

During her visit, she observed the significant impact of these grants, documenting the dedicated efforts of nonprofit partners serving the I/DD community in San Diego. Through showcasing innovative programs and heartfelt testimonials, she shed light on the often-overlooked work that forms the backbone of our I/DD community.

Nonprofit leaders seized the opportunity to share their insights, emphasizing how the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities (FDD) program grant support bolsters their initiatives. Their stories

vividly depicted resilience and hope, illustrating how collective efforts can pave the way for meaningful change. As the visit ended, a poignant check presentation symbolized more than just financial support; it embodied a shared commitment to empowering the I/DD community in San Diego.

Jenny Day's coverage of FDD’s community support goes beyond conventional reporting; it sparks community engagement and empathy. By amplifying the voices of those frequently marginalized, her narrative cultivates a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs that mold our I/DD communities.

As we reflect on her visit, let us applaud the dedication of journalists like Jenny Day and recognize the power of storytelling in fostering positive change. Through her lens, we see not just news but the heartbeat of our communities – pulsating with resilience, compassion, and unwavering resolve to support individuals with I/DDs.

Empowering the I/DD Community:

A Closer Look at FDD's Program Grant Initiative

At the core of our Foundation's mission lies a steadfast commitment to championing nonprofit organizations dedicated to pioneering programs for the I/DD community. Our Program Grant initiative is anchored on four fundamental impact areas: employment, family support, housing, and self-advocacy.

These areas epitomize empowerment for the I/DD community, igniting initiatives that catalyze transformative outcomes through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking organizations. Our Board of Directors, committee members, and CEO, Sitara Sethi, meticulously assess potential nonprofits, guaranteeing alignment with our mission and vision and financing innovative programs that enhance the lives of individuals with IDDs.

Each program grant awarded serves as a catalyst for change, igniting hope and possibility for our I/DD community. The FDD Board's unwavering commitment is evident in allocating $229,732.00 this fiscal year to support San Diego and Imperial County nonprofits. Moreover, over the past six years, FDD has championed philanthropy by contributing over $2 million through grant opportunities and strategic partnerships, positively impacting over one hundred local nonprofit organizations.


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