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Our Programs

The Foundation for Developmental Disabilities is committed to improving the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in San Diego and Imperial Counties. We are passionate about building a brighter future through our impactful programs, including our grants, help fund, scholarships, and affordable housing programs.

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Help Fund


Affordable Housing

We provide grants to nonprofit organizations to support programs that empower individuals with IDDs and their families.

We offer emergency funds to the San Diego Regional Center clients who are in need of financial support, on a case-by-case basis.

Our scholarships are available to San Diego and Imperial Counties-based students pursuing careers in the IDDs or related fields.

We fund organizations that provide affordable housing to individuals with IDDs and their families allowing them to live full and independent lives.

Programmatic Strategy

We consider the evolving needs of our community and make strategic decisions surrounding programs and opportunities that focus on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). Our programs support all individuals with IDDs including their families to enhance their quality of life.

We improve the lives of those with special needs by funding programs that provide access to disability services and community outreach. The nonprofits and organizations that we support offer a wide range of programs and services to support individuals with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and other IDDs.

Learn more about our program grant opportunities.

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