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Special Gift Funds Program

The Foundation for Developmental Disabilities offers grants of up to $100,000 for capital, social enterprise, and start-up funding to businesses and organizations that provide employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in San Diego and Imperial Counties. This grant award provides the option of multi-year support to a program that demonstrates a commitment to employing individuals with IDDs. 

Some of the businesses and organizations that we have funded in the past five years include Blissful Seeds, Mountain Shadows, Noah Homes, Options for AllOutside the Lens, and St. Madeleine Sophie's Center.

To be considered for this grant, please send a one-page letter of intent clearly defining your program and how it intends to employ individuals with IDDs to Sitara Sethi, CEO at


All finalists will be asked to submit a complete grant application if selected. 

This year's cycle has concluded. Check back in for our next deadline.​

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