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Our Impact

This image is a collage of photos of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from our programs.

We strive to make lasting changes in the lives of those we serve through the programs we fund. Our four impact areas are Employment, Family Support, Housing, and Self-advocacy. Our programs aim to create a world where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in San Diego and Imperial Counties are included and supported to pursue their dreams. Below, you will find a few of the programs we've funded.

The Foundation granted $10,000 to San Diego Chill in 2018, a local nonprofit that teaches kids with developmental disabilities how to play ice hockey. This innovative program used the Foundation's grant to pay for ice time for the kids as well as tournament fees. 

San Diego Chill

Ivey Ranch Park Association

Ivey Ranch Park Association is a wellness and fitness-focused nonprofit organization located in North San Diego County. The organization offers educational and recreational programs including therapeutic horse riding, counseling services, and summer camp for individuals with developmental disabilities. Ivey Ranch Park launched the “Ivey Ranch Park Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT)” program which was dedicated to offering individuals with disabilities recreational activities that also facilitated behavioral therapy. The program successfully achieved its goals of improving physical activity and positive behaviors in participants.

Outside the Lens

Outside the Lens is a learning center whose mission is to amplify youth voices through creative expression including photography, filmmaking, and digital media. The center creates programs to engage youth while employing proven educational strategies and fostering community involvement. Outside the Lens developed its (vis)Ability, Media Makers’ teacher training lab and workshop series for visiting artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program was open to Media Makers’ participants and the public.


Families, Educators, Resources, IHEs, and Agencies (FERIA) hosted its 6th Annual FERIA Partnership Virtual Conference for Spanish-speaking Latino parents with children with developmental disabilities. The event focused specifically on clients of the San Diego Regional Center.

Noah Homes

Noah Homes is a disability service and support organization whose mission is to provide residential care and opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. The organization values inclusivity and upholds a community that is rooted in Catholic values. Noah Homes collaborates with other organizations to provide state-of-the-art housing solutions, resources, and services to individuals with developmental disabilities while cultivating a community that enables them to thrive. Through the “Community Placement Plan”, Noah Homes was able to secure housing accommodations, advocate for low-income housing, and strategize and execute inclusive community integration plans for individuals with developmental disabilities

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