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RFP Cycle X: Capital Funding Announcement

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The Foundation is excited to announce that our Board of Directors recently approved $59,785 in capital funding through the Foundation's Special Gifts Program: RFP Cycle X. This year, the Request for Proposal was focused on funding critically needed capital equipment that will have a significant and beneficial impact on people with developmental disabilities and their families in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Congratulations to our latest grantees: Outside the Lens (OTL) and St. Madeleine Sophie's Center (SMSC).

The $50,000 award to OTL will help fund their San Diego Media Makers Program, creating a state-of-the-art media lab centered on delivering Outside the Lens curriculum, alongside industry-aligned media technology, to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. San Diego Media Makers will inspire individuals with developmental disabilities to discover and express their place and purpose in the world.

The $9,785 award to SMSC will support the SMSC Aquatics Center through the purchase of a SR Smith PAL Portable Pool Lift. The SMSC Aquatics Center features a 100,000 gallon, 50x76 ft. pool that is the only one of its kind in East County San Diego. They regularly serve 75 older adults and those with co-occurring Intellectual and physical disabilities. This pool lift will help their clients with mobility challenges enter and exit the swimming pool safely. The benefits to being able to swim for their participants includes alleviating pressure on their joints and muscles, building strength, improving heart health, improving mental health, improving social well-being, and supporting independence.

The FDD Board of Directors are excited about the impact both of these projects will have for people with developmental disabilities and their families in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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