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Partner Highlight: Outside the Lens' Media Makers Revolutionizing Media Arts Innovation

In a world where media literacy is becoming increasingly essential, Outside the Lens is an example of commitment to a future where everyone can access the education and resources necessary to navigate, understand, and contribute to media creation. Outside the Lens empowers and inspires youth to be active contributors within their classrooms and local communities through photography, videography, and digital media.

Their innovative Media Makers program explicitly targets youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), encouraging them to express their presence and purpose through media arts.

Since its inception in 2019, Media Makers has offered digital media, filmmaking, and photography education. Beyond classroom education and acknowledging the importance of career paths, the program aims to open doors to employment opportunities through mentorship, paid internships, and immersive experiences shadowing industry professionals.

"The Media Makers program seeks to inspire and nurture individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to express their place and purpose through media arts and build a more inclusive society. The Media Makers closed out 2023 with their fall showcase, as students shared their unique stories. They created content including magazine covers, double exposure images, PSA graphic designs, Animation short stories, and Narrative short films. They tackled themes that were important to them and brought a unique perspective and light to many issues of today."

- Kevin Tung, Director of Media Makers

Outside the Lens has recently released new videos showcased and crafted by their talented students. Check out their inspiring work by clicking on the links: Rising Above: Gio, Rising Above Kaedyn. Rising Above: Nate and Kaedyn's Summer of Creativity.


The Foundation provided $25,000 in support of Media Makers. To learn more about Outside the Lens, visit their website at San Diego Photography Education, Media Outreach, Workshops | Outside the Lens


Are you a nonprofit organization based in San Diego and Imperial County and seeking funding for a program? Visit to learn more about our program grant opportunities.


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