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Congratulations to our Newest Grantees

At the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities (FDD), our mission is to fund innovative programs enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Through our Program Grant opportunities, we support nonprofit organizations offering groundbreaking, innovative programs for those with IDDs.

Continuing our commitment to impact in critical areas like employment, family support, housing, and self-advocacy, we're thrilled to announce the recent approval of over $74,500 in Program Grant funding by FDD's Board of Directors. These grants have been allocated to eight organizations across San Diego.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our latest program grantees. Explore the incredible work these organizations are undertaking, making a profound difference in the lives of individuals with IDDs and their families.

Autism Society San Diego diligently connects individuals with vital resources through education, advocacy, support, information, referrals, and community programs. They aim to facilitate connections and empower all within the Autism community, ensuring access to essential resources for a satisfying life. Their vision centers on creating a world where every member of the Autism community can access timely and crucial support.

FDD Funds will support enhancing the Autism Social and Mental Health Conference, aiming to provide valuable insights for improved mutual understanding and equip individuals and their caregivers with access to social and mental health services. Additionally, these funds will help cover expenses for attendees seeking financial assistance, ensuring the conference's accessibility to all without financial constraints and aligning with the Autism Society's commitment to inclusivity.

At Home of Guiding Hands, the belief resonates that everyone should be free to shape their lives. Through collaborative partnerships with individuals with I/DDs and their families, Home of Guiding Hands identifies goals and offers the necessary support to foster personal growth and skill development. Their mission extends beyond delivering quality services; it's about aiding individuals in constructing fulfilling lives. Moreover, their vision is to establish recognition as the foremost provider of a diverse range of tailored services for individuals with special needs.

At the core of their beliefs is the endeavor to immerse clients in community experiences, encouraging an interactive and friendly lifestyle. To realize this goal, funding will be designated towards planning and executing activities for their Social Club. This allocation covers transportation, expenses, equipment, supplies, event tickets, and entry fees. The Social Club aims to empower clients to plan and participate in events that will actively benefit 180 people with I/DDs on a personal level.

Kitchen tABLE Academy –Abraxas High School, Poway Unified School District, is a specialized program that caters to students with special needs aiming to pursue careers in the culinary and hospitality industries. It features a hands-on curriculum that serves as job training, focusing on cultivating culinary arts, nutrition, smart farming, and green waste management expertise. The objective is to provide students with developmental disabilities with potential career opportunities in these sectors.

Allocated funding will be utilized to repair and acquire necessary equipment for both indoor and outdoor classrooms. The plan includes adding outdoor shade, obtaining garden supplies, and developing classroom equipment for seating and cooking. These improvements aim to ensure an inclusive learning environment accessible to all students.

Noah Homes stands as a beacon of exceptional residential care, providing choices for adults with developmental disabilities within an inclusive community. With a mission poised at the forefront of progress, Noah Homes is pioneering a new future for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs) and their families. As a nonprofit organization since 1983, they've consistently pushed the boundaries of innovative residential care, advocacy, and collaborative services. Their unwavering commitment lies in maximizing everyone’s lifelong independence within a community environment that nurtures dignity, respect, and personal and spiritual growth.

The allocated funding aims to establish quarterly regional People’s First meetings to educate caregivers of individuals with I/DDs on housing and person-centered choices in San Diego. Additionally, funds will be directed to offer small stipends to those involved in developing the curriculum, including professional curriculum consultants. This initiative strives to empower and inform caregivers while enhancing the resources available in the community.

San Diego Air and Space Museum prioritizes diversity, ensuring inclusivity across its events, collections, and exhibits. It's dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that honors the diversity within San Diego’s community while actively championing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) initiatives. Firmly rooted in values of diversity and inclusivity, the Museum is committed to fostering a welcoming environment where diverse cultures, races, genders, identities, and beliefs flourish.

Recognizing the potential challenges families may face when visiting a museum, especially those with individuals with an I/DD, the Air and Space Museum acknowledges the importance of setting the stage for success even before families arrive. To this end, allocated funding will be dedicated to crafting digital resources, providing training, and establishing in-person support resources. These initiatives ensure that individuals within the I/DD community feel welcomed and supported and can readily access the museum’s offerings.

The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and nurturing curiosity through exceptional works of art. Established in 1926 and nestled in the vibrant heart of Balboa Park, SDMA stands as the sole encyclopedic art museum in the region. The museum's core mission involves engaging the public through dynamic exhibitions and impactful public programs. With an annual visitation of over 433,000, SDMA is unwaveringly committed to offering meaningful experiences for a diverse audience.

SDMA strives to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that encourages thoughtful engagement with art. In 2022, SDMA introduced the Art+Empathy initiative to leverage art's influence to foster empathy and uphold the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. At the heart of the Art+Empathy initiative lies the Community Art Workshops, serving as its cornerstone.

Designated funding will facilitate the implementation of Community Art Workshops tailored for individuals with I/DDs, including families and caregivers. These funds will also support the overall program expenses and cover transportation costs for individuals with I/DDs visiting the museum.

Special Olympics Southern California is dedicated to offering year-round sports training and competitive events across a range of Olympic-style sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This commitment ensures ongoing opportunities for participants to cultivate physical fitness, showcase bravery, find joy, and engage in a collaborative exchange of talents, abilities, and camaraderie with their families, fellow athletes, and the wider community. Beyond sports, Special Olympics Southern California extends its support to encompass health, education, and leadership programs tailored for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Funding from FDD will support Special Olympics Southern California by replacing worn-out equipment, procuring new equipment for upcoming programs, supplying uniforms for athletes, and providing medals for Special Olympics San Diego participants. This investment guarantees athletes the resources to train and compete in thirteen sporting events annually, fostering a platform for ongoing participation and success.

UCSD Neurodiversity in Tech Summer Internship Over 8-9 weeks, neurodiverse interns collaborate in teams encompassing roles like programmers, project managers, artists, and designers, supported by a peer coach. These teams benefit from professional guidance from industry mentors and engage in weekly Lunch and Learn sessions. Their efforts culminate in a showcase event where they present their achievements to industry partners and advocates, showcasing their comprehensive workplace training within a supportive environment that nurtures their potential in the tech sector.

Thanks to FDD grant funding, the program will support an additional cohort of five individuals during Summer 2024, explicitly targeting underrepresented individuals in the tech workforce – those with developmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorders. The primary goal is facilitating increased interaction, learning experiences, and professional development opportunities. These include honing technical and teamwork skills, learning workplace communication norms, and gaining proficiency in industry-standard software tools.

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