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Peterson scholarship

The Peterson Scholarship period is now closed for 2022.

Each year, The Foundation for Developmental Disabilities provides funding through the Raymond M. Peterson Scholarship*, a resource for the leaders of tomorrow. 


Funding will be considered by the Foundation Board of Directors to provide scholarships for university or college students who are planning a career, or presently working in the field of developmental disabilities, or a related field, and who are residents of and attending colleges in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

A maximum of $3,000 per applicant may be awarded. To be eligible for scholarships, applicants must demonstrate a financial need. 



DEADLINE: The Scholarship period is closed for 2022. 

*These scholarships are available through an endowment established in recognition of years of service and contributions in the field of developmental disabilities, child development, and prevention by Raymond M. Peterson, M.D., M.P.H. 

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