About Us

Our Vision: Persons with developmental disabilities will live full, productive and satisfying lives as active members of their communities.

Our Mission: To provide support for individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, in San Diego and Imperial counties, and to raise and distribute monies to promote creative and innovative programs, which enhance their quality of life, when needed services are not available from other entities such as governmental or private resources.

Through your generosity and the generosity of community partners such as corporations, businesses and individuals, the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities is able to provide:

  • Affordable housing access and development
  • Micro-enterprise job development and creation
  • Emergency assistance for persons with developmental disabilities
  • Scholarship opportunities for students entering the field of developmental disabilities
  • Training opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and their families and much more...

San Diego - Imperial Counties Developmental Services Foundation (Foundation for Developmental Disabilities) was established in 1986 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation.

Our Board of Directors